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Amazing, indispensable.

Well, I am finally going to write a review on the Mac App Store. Funny, because Ive been using this program since way before the Mac App store existed and to this day, it is still the most important program on my Mac. I use it for literally everything. Idea generation, outlines for school work, class notes, to do lists, brainstorming on anything. This isnt a little app, in terms of what it can do. Id recommend it to anyone. Students, designers, teachers, lawyers, doctors. I can literally see a use for it through the lens of each of these professions. Never before has a program occupied such a big place for me. Great work OmniGroup!

Not much to be impressed with

Not impressed at all with this program. Just a basic outliner. Glad I didnt pay for the Pro version. The basic version is way too much. I have used the Omnifocus and love it. I guess I just expected more from this company.

Great tool for keeping things organized

I use this for general listkeeping and organization. Great tool.

New app

always an awsome app, a little overpriced, but i its my day to day app!


I keep Crashing and the application keeps sending emails to support but I see little action to get the crashes fixed.

Useful, but lame

The document is completely mangled on every export option except for HTML. It’s lame to zip up an html folder to share with my colleagues, which I have to provide with instructions “Ok, unzip the archine, and open index.html in a web browser”. I have to manually set the style with the function keys every time I create a new line -> obnoxious. Custom columns are cool, might upgrade to Pro to get AppleScript support, but completely off the table until the wierdness gets fixed. Right now, the best option for export is to print to PDF and save, but even that is slightly janky. I have to manually set the style every time I make a new line, which is a little ridiculous—shouldn’t it automatically recognize, for example, that one tab indent is a heading 2 style, two tab indents are a heading 3 style, etc? Isn’t the whole purpose of this app to automate stuff like this for you? I’ve tried using the inspector and attaching ‘included styles’ to ‘styles’, which doesn’t make any sense to begin with, and it’s still not working. For example, why would you attach a style of ‘heading 1’ to another style of ‘heading 2’? It doesn’t make sense->Chewbacca. I’m using the default orange ‘Welcome to Outliner’ document for all of my outlines since all of the templates are pretty lame. So, all in all, quite lame, but I still use it.

Good App, not a lot of export options

I like the app and workflow but if you want to get your data out and into anything else be prepared to do reformat everything. WIth as many options for organizing, displaying and notating data you would think it would export better. The workflow from OmniOutliner to OmniPlanner is great, its the main reason I got it but if you try to go to Word or Excel it’s mostly useless. The thing I continually stumble over is that I spend a lot of time organizing my data in Outliner and then try to share it with someone who doesn’t have it (which is most people) and I have to go to something more common. I even paid $50 to get the “Pro” version which supposedly provided an export to Word only to find that it loses all formatting including nesting hierarchy. Its dissappointing to have to reformat everything to share it. If you just want something to collect and notate your thoughts or to go to a project plan then this works otherwise just build your outline in Word so you can share it - oh and don’t waste the money on the “Pro” version, I can’t really tell a difference.

CRAZY amount of crashes!

I love the app….when it works. I have never had an app that crashes so much. At first it would just crash and I would have to reopen my files, but today, it crashed completely and all of the files that I had spent so many hours on were lost forever. I was willing to work with the crashes before because I love the simplicity of the program, but this is ridiculous. Wish I could get a refund. There is no reason why they should charge so much for an application that is essentially broken.

Should be renamed OmniCRASH

I have fought with simply getting this app to _run_ at all. Tried resetting all preferences, caches, deleting and re-installing. Nothing. Immediate Error: *** [__NSArrayM objectAtIndex:]: index 0 beyond bounds for empty array] And then, it crashes. Don’t waste your time or money.


Its midnight. I have a test tomorrow, and Omni Outliner just crashed with my notes. Trying to figure out what to do.

Great for bugeting planning

This is the perfect tool for budget planning. I use it for my monthly home budget, and for one off project budgets. Simple, powerful = awesome.

Outline & Matrix combined

This is an outliner with a built-in spreadsheet. Updated for Yosemite. It is cleaner to use for a lot of functions than a regular spreadsheet, provided you don’t need intricate calculations. Starting with a list is a good way to get organized. It has some OPML capability, so you might be able to work with a mind mapper as well. It has customizable dropbox column types, allows sorting by columns. Has a nice drag & drop side drawer/sidebar. The formatting options only get better - and its like a collapsible spreadsheet that can be used where spreadsheets come up a little short. If you need to chart out decisions, or track peripheral information in outlines, its well-suited to that use. If you’ve ever used a simpler outliner & run out of a way to further categorize your data, wishing you had more columns available - try this. Need to track research for a class project - works there. Need to track app compatibility before upgrading to Yosemite - works there. If you are submitting resumés, for another example, it works well to track all sorts of submission & feedback information & related tasks. Even embed the resumé versions themselves. The port to Word now requires the Pro version, unfortunately, but there are plenty of powerful features in the standard version to recommend. If you are a list maker tracking a lot of nuances in those lists, you will probably fall in love with this application. (That phrase sounds a little gimmicky, but I think its true).

$50 for app… but to import files they need another $50

I just spent $50 on this app but to import a file from one of my developers.. Now I have to spend another $50 in-app in order to import the file. OUTRAGEOUS. I liked their products in the past… but feel very nickeled & dime’d here. Deleting apps and never looking back.


No PDF export option makes this a total waste of money for me. Printing to PDF is ugly and inconvenient.

All hype & minor cosmetic; essential functionality is still missing

The ripoff goes on and on… Most of the critical comments from previous versions still apply to v4.2. Only very minor cosmetic changes and critical functionality (import/export to commont formats) is missing (unless you agree to pay twice as much for it). This company deals with critical feedback by issuing small updates that reset the reviews. Spend you money elsewhere, unless you want to buy a ticket for the Titanic because it just received a fresh, Yosemite-colored paint job!

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